Sunday, 22 June 2014

This is not my future, mine is bright...

Pops arrives home agitated. “The stupid teacher subtracted a mark because one line was not straight enough. Now I only have 95%. The form was correct, just because he thinks my straight is not as straight as his straight.” 

"Geometry, suppose maths skills are inherited to some extent." I think

 “Pops, its best you tell the teacher yourself.” I encourage her. “Naaahhh he doesn’t listen anyway” she says. “That should not stop you from trying.”

I have a house with a garden and a toilet, I fulfilled my childhood dream. Being unable to take care of my needs as a pensioner is my fear. I was on my way to beating this fear.

What are Pops dreams and fears? Is 95% not enough or was it an injustice that agitated her? 

My father could never afford a house with a garden. Growing up in Apartheid as a non-white oppressed person, most opportunities where blocked by the government.

Most people in my community have to work till they die; they have no pension plan and depend on people when they are old and weak.

My ancestors came to South Africa as slaves over 300 years ago. In 1948 they were grouped as 3rd grade humans and denied their humans rights. Hence, my dad could not get educated and could only rent a small house with no garden and a toilet in the yard.

I knew my ticket out was a university education. At 18, in 1988, the white universities had started allowing some non-white students in. To show the world they were changing. However, the few spots available were only for the top students and were not sponsored.

I had a skill with maths and my parents, who only went to school for a few years, encouraged me to get to university.

Which I did. I got educated; I worked as an engineer for 18 years in various countries, and mostly in Europe. I bought the house with a garden and even more.

Then destiny deals me a sickness that prevents office work. I lose my job and my fear returns. A Slave at the mercy of the new masters, the insurance companies.

Will they pay out my claim?

Will I lose my garden and be dependent?

 How will I care for family?

This is not my future...

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