Sunday, 15 June 2014

PappieBear prepares Pops for her excursion: Part 1 has a cycling excursion to the local lake and the Governor is working. “Houseman, don’t forget to put in the rain jacket for Pops tomorrow”.  “Huh, what for?” I answer. “Her excursion, you forgot again!!!”

I have been too occupied with “myself and I”. 

The kid’s stagnation in athletics disturbed me. They really don’t only inherit the good genes of the parents? Now why would that be? Sometimes I can be surprised about common knowledge and understand the intricacies of things others do not. 

Lately any disappointment seems like the world collapsing on me and when they perform less than my expectations, I think it must be my destiny. Did my mom’s prayer “please let my son loose the final race so he does not become too worldly” when I was 12 now fall on my kids as well?

I get sick. Pops been sick three years and it looked like she would be ok this year then she breaks her toe and is out for 6 weeks.

Monkey tore her Achilles. Obviously they do not achieve at the athletics. But yet I hope they do and when they don’t, I spiral down into “myself and I".

Never give up says, the black belt. We will find a way, says the engineer.

We present our plan to the Governor who says. "My dear, 4 times a week is reasonable for kids to train, since they don’t play as kids used to, but if you are the trainer, it will be less than desirable. Perhaps its best they join the other athletic club".


  1. Hey Pappie bear.... Thank you to have the courage and inclination to become such a great role model to especially us men out there. Too many of us believe its the womans job to remain hands on with the kids not realizing the amount of effort, time, compassion and so much more that goes along and into this lifelong task.... And hens we do not appreciate care givers and in spite treat them at best with reckless rebellion .. ... Further you emulate that no amount of degrees or formal education for that matter, can prepare you for parenthood.... This in itself is a hole new dimension to life all together.... I agree with anonymous that you do sound oil you are having and great deal of fun despite your pain.... And I think you are truly blessed in every sense of the word....

    1. Women make this job look easier

  2. Kids seem to be strained. A vacation would be nice, or so I'd suggest.

    1. What type of vacation would you suggest?


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