Tuesday, 17 June 2014

PappieBear prepares Pops for her excursion: Part 2

Instructions!!! The governor says she cannot plan or wants leadership in her new job, but I rely fully on her scheduling.

I wake late and need to optimise my activities else Pops will be late.

GO overdrive mode. It’s how I function best.

Get out of bed. Check the weather through the window. Weigh myself. Switch on the media. Go to the toilet. Back to the scale and check how much I peed. Get dressed. Hit the kitchen.

Queeny is already up and on her way soon. She is not human friendly in the mornings so prefers to be all alone. So it’s just Monkey and Pops in the morning.

Start reading instructions.

Place 2 cups of milk in the microwave and put Weetabix on the table before I hit the list. Not much time to pump up the wheels. Get as much of list done before I have to wake kids.

If it’s hot close the shutters. Is that part of the list? Wi-Fi is running now; validate the weather on the phone. Engineers always need a backup plan.

Pack correct clothes for the correct weather. Bag. Swimming things, two rolls, each with different fillings etc. Select ingredients in the fridge.

Cut both rolls. Butter them, lettuce cheese salami on the one. Mustard salami, cheese and gherkins on the other. Rolls done.

Fill up water bottle get bicycle shed key. Pops’s wheels need more pressure. Almost forgot.

The stairs really squeak when I move this fast. Or is it just my extra belly? I wonder what pressure it can handle. Suppose during the 2nd world war they did not think too much about quality. However, it still did not collapse. What causes those squeaks anyway? I have to research that.

The PC should be on now. Luckily I have a 42 inch screen and can lie on the bed sofa and use the PC. Maybe in the next few years companies will allow workers to lie and work in the office, till then I can’t find a part-time job with such an office setup. It’s always the same, they want 100% workers who don’t lie and work. In my years as an engineer it was mostly about office presence as to actually doing engineering.

At least I can research the stairs from the bed sofa, have to remain positive.


  1. Its possible to work from home but they first want you to prove yourself at work.

  2. In fine print that means, if you partly disabled, you wont get a chance to prove yourself at work.

  3. I lost my job at my old company, after being unable to be in the office for 1 year. Yes, it's possible to work from home, but first you had to have had a job in a company which does home office work and you were a proven worker there. My old company required office presence. Hence, they fired me even though I got sick because of sedentary office work.


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