Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Pop's Kitchen: Salmon Tandoori with yogurt spring onion cucumber salad

After  recording the Peach dessert, Pops said she needed time to make a video again.

So we decided to make a photo video.

This summer, as part of my project at home with the kids, we decided to document the kids hobbies.

Pops started enjoying cooking and baking a year ago and agreed to present it in a video.

A skill that will surely come in handy when she is an adult.

As I have realized, talking to a camera is not as easy as it looks and hence she was not prepared to do it again, a day later.

Especially, since she normally makes a meal only once. She has a goal to cook all the menu's she likes in the cookbook she bought.

Maybe when she repeats a meal again, we will get her to make another video and hopefully in the near future her true relaxed joking self will also show.

Small steps, however we certainly enjoy Pops's Kitchen.

Queeny and Monkey will soon document their hobbies.

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