Sunday, 10 August 2014

Video: MMA/BJJ Training Girls: Monkey plays with P. Bear

A short while back I wrote on how get my girls to remain in shape.

On many occasions it becomes quite a challenge, in that girls normally are not in the mood for physical activity.

I had some ideas on how to get Monkey to enjoy some lessons. One was to get her to teach me what she knows.

This soon turned out into a shouting emotional match, since she had no interests in doing that.

Monkey is afraid of failure and has high standards for herself. So much so that she prefers not to try anything than to fail at times.

Even the more she achieves the more she doubts herself, in some ways.

She always feels she does not know and cannot do.

Today we tried something else. Lets just play and see what she can do.

I think it turned out much better than expected and she seemed to have had fun.

The secret was to ask what it is she prefers to do.

Yes, of course MMA/BJJ is my idea, however within this framework, its good to give her some freedom in how she wants to do it.

Monkey is the youngest of my three daughters, unfortunately for the Queeny she had to learn the hard way.

Then again each kid is not the same, so teaching becomes a challenge even in round three

In the mean time I hope all who sees this video can take some lessons in connecting with your child, learning to move, defense, timing, body balance, brain calculations etc., the lists goes on and one...

And of course it will keep her in shape.


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