Friday, 1 August 2014

Video: Talking to Myself. Part1

I decided to start recording my thoughts, to help me find myself and give me direction.

This is not easy.

Everything has to start somewhere. Here are my first seven clips, unedited mostly for my own viewing pleasure.

Of course any feedback I receive will be much appreciated, since its what I like, that is to bounce my thoughts off others and get external clarity.

So thanks to those who will give feedback and my message to the rest, just be who you are.


  1. That was at times hard to watch to be honest
    I can't tell u what u need to do where to go what to think coz ur bun seems to b the only thing that captures u. Y not challenge urself with Quran? To memorise ?

  2. Agreed with spinderella

    It seems that you are soo caught up with U.. and your life, There are thousands Muslims worse of then you...
    Make a change,try get closer to Allah ta alla , trying to earn the pleasure of Almighty will grant you peace !! and ease your pain - at least your have your brains.Its depressing to watch people wallow in sympathy, SAD !!

  3. Keep the faith , M

  4. first video you were getting into the swing of it....l think its a good idea to voice your thoughts not always easily done !!!!! Its interesting listening to you....

    My kids love it ( the boyz) say its cool what you doing...

    Don't read from anything ...its cool that its just YOU

  5. Great work I can really connect with what your saying and awesome to see you concur your fear of speaking to the camera. much much more interesting than reading, is listening to a fully interactive biography.


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